Why Have A Public Liability Insurance In Place?

If you own a business, public liability insurance is indeed a must. It will serve to protect you as well as your business against any claims for accidental damage caused to property or to an individual while at your premises or as a result of your business activities.

Well, this is actually better explained through an example. Imagine you are the owner of a small shop, and one of your employees plugs in a vacuum cleaner and runs the cable along the floor, and over to the carpet in the corner. A customer walks into the shop, trips over the cable and then breaks their ankle. In this situation, the injured customer would have the rights to file a complaint to the shop since the accidents was caused as a direct result of your business activities and negligence.

However, when the shop owner is equipped with public liability insurance, any legal fees, compensation payments, and medical costs arising from the claim would be covered by the insurance firm. Without this cover, the business would be expected to pay out the entire claim.

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